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Contents: Writing Critical Essays

To the student

To the teacher

Part 1: Writing a Critical Essay

     1.   Introduction: what is a critical essay?
     2.   Critical knowledge: what you need to know
     3.   Preparing a topic: The Five Key Stages
     4.   Planning an essay: a step-by-step guide
     5.   Writing your essay: an example to follow

Part 2: Essay Guides

     6.   Writing about ways of reading
     7.   Writing about character and setting
     8.   Writing about narrative structure
     9.   Writing about theme
    10.  Writing about point of view
    11.  Writing about language
    12.  Writing about gender, race and class

 A guide to referencing


     "Phone Call," Berton Rouche
     "Little Red Riding Hood," Traditional
     "Victim," Oliver Smithfield
     Jayne Eyre (notes), Charlotte Bronte
     Heart of Darkness (extracts), Joseph Conrad


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