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Contents: Studying Poetry

1. Performing Poetry
About this Book
Getting Started
Favourite Poems - A Class Survey
Poem Readings
Thinking about sound
Guided Presentations
  Gutter Press, Paul Dehn
  Misunderstanding and Muzac, Dennis O'Driscoll
Your Own Presentation
  Audience response sheet
Radical Readings
  The Soldier, Rupert Brooke

2. What is Poetry?
What is Poetry?
  Untitled Poems
Poetic Reading: What does the reader do?
Guiding the Reader: What does the text do?
  Charges and Payment, Kim Poulton
'Finding' a poem - poetry in everyday life
Borrowed language
  This Letter's to Say, Raymond Wilson
Conclusion: poetry as an effect of reading?
Context and use
  To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell
Exploring Uses
A Poetry Table
Poetry Projects

3. Words and Meanings
Basic Ingredients - sounds and meanings
Poem Comparisons
  First Frost, Andrei Voznesensky
  First Ice, Andrei Voznesensky
A Reader's Response
  Reading First Frost, Greg Allan
Changing Poems - reading as writing
Reading Words
  Mushrooms, Sylvia Plath
Reading Verses
  The Earth Lover, Katherine Susannah Pritchard
Poems Without Words?
  The Affair, Alan Riddell
Write a Critique
  To Paint the Portrait of a Bird, Jacques Prevert
  How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird, Jacques Prevert

4. Forms and Functions
Beyond the Word
Making Comparisons: Metaphor
  The Highwayman, Alfred Noyes
Patterns in Poetry
  Untitled poems
  Haiku poems
The Sonnet
  Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare
  Sonnet 130, Wlliam Shakespeare
  My Country, Annette Ross
Free Verse
  The Rainwalkers, Denise Levertov
  Yuh Hear Bout? Valerie Bloom
  Thanks, Gael Turnbull
'Famous First Drafts'
  Anthem for Doomed Youth, Wilfred Owen
  The Tyger, William Blake
The Python Guide to Poetry
  Famous First Drafts, Monty Python

5. Writing a Poetry Critique
Why Write a Critique?
Two Critiques
  Seasons, Jessica Cameron
  Essays: Greg Allan, John Ramsay
Model Critiques
  Spring and Fall, Gerard Manly Hopkins
  Essays: Tan, Faysal, Veronika, Kim
Writing a Critique: Step by Step
  From the Lighthouse, Flora Podmore
Poems for Study
  Mirror, Sylvia Plath
  In an Artist's Studio, Christina Rossetti
  Toads, Philip Larkin
  The Horses, Edwin Muir
  Elegy for Drowned Children, Bruce Dawe
  I Poet, Jean 'Binta' Breeze
Suggestions for Writing

6. Theories and Practices
Theories of Poetry
The Classical View
  from The Republic, Plato
  from The Poetics, Aristotle
  from Preface to Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson
The Romantic View
  from Lyrical Ballads, William Wordsworth
  I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, William Wordsworth
The New Critical View   from The Intentional Fallacy, Wimsatt ∓ Beardsley
  'Out, Out--' Robert Frost
The Post-structural View   from The Death of the Author, Roland Barthes
  China, Bob Perelman
Wordsworth's Sisters
  An Argument with Wordsworth, Wendy Cope
  Why Dorothy Wordsworth is Not as Famous As Her Brother, Lynne Peters


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