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Contents: Studying Literature

1. What is Literature?
Towards a definition
What are the features of a literary work?
Beliefs and values
  Six poems
  Weevilly Porridge, Eva Johnson
  Yout Scene, Linton Kwesi Johnson
Challenging beliefs
  To a Butterfly, William Wordsworth
  Goodbye Worn Out Morris 1000, Pam Ayres
  Edgar and Emma, Jane Austen

2. Reading Literary Texts
Texts as cultural artifacts
  Song: Women are But Men's Shaddowes, Ben Johnson
Dominant and marginalised ideas
Reading practices
Challenging tradition
  The Eagle, Lord Tennyson
  Hard Times, Charles Dickens
  Phone Call, Berton Rouche
  School, Peter Cowan
Analysing the construction of readings

3. Reading in terms of gender
Literature and power
The language of patriarchy
  This is Australia
  The Aim was Song, Robert Frost
  A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning, John Donne
  The Collector, John Fowles
  Rapunzel, traditional
Re-reading the Text
The question of masculinity
  The Essence of a Man, Alan Sullivan
New perspectives
  Nice Men, Dorothy Byrne
  The Company of Wolves, Angela Carter

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