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Contents: Writing Projects


Project 1: Write an Epigram
Models: Famous epigrams
Focus: Stylish sentences
Skills: Generalisation; concise diction; sentence style-parallelism, contrast, crossover

Project 2: Write a Fable
Models: Aesop, The Mice in Council, The Fox and the Well, The Bat and the Weasel
Focus: Story sequence and moral
Skills: Allegory and dramatisation; concise diction; dialogue; sentence style-variety in opening phrases

Project 3: Write a Story
Model: Peter Cowan, School
Focus: Realism, character and setting
Skills: Character and scene; realistic detail;transitions, flashback and reverie; diction-detached style, parataxis and polyptoton; sentence styles-simple, compound, complex

Project 4: Write a Review
Model: James Berardinelli, The Golden Compass
Focus: Exposition, criticism, argument
Skills: argument-assertion and proof; main divisions; style-adjectives,vocabulary, parenthesis; sentence style-objective and subjective statement, expansion


Project 5: Write a Description
Model: Charles Dickens, from Bleak House
Focus: Representing time and place
Skills: Selecting details-variety, scale, degree; building a theme; descriptive devices-comparison, personification, anachronism; sentence style-compounds and fragments

Project 6: Write a Story
Model: Par Lagerkvist, Father and I
Focus: The Journey motif, inversion, symbol
Skills: Character and setting; colloquial style-diction and phrasing, periphrasis, parenthesis; description-imagery and inversion; sentence style-form, length and pace

Project 7: Write a Personal Essay
Model: Michel de Montaigne, On Liars
Focus: Topic, thesis, development
Skills: topic and thesis; divisions; forms of development-authority, experience, definition, analysis, maxim, exemplum; personal style; persuasive techniques-hyperbole, erotesis, apodixis, apomnemonysis

Project 8: Write a Speech
Model: Kevin Rudd, Apology to the Stolen Generation
Focus: Ceremony, exposition, persuasion
Skills: persuasion-appeals to emotion, reason, ethics; apostrophe and exhortation; speech styles-grand and common; diction-formality, pronoun use; sentence style-parallelism and repetition, antistrophe, anaphora

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