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Literary Terms offers students and teachers a practical reference for new literary terminology. Terms such as deconstruction, desire, gender, ideology, representation and subjectivity are not only explained but also demonstrated through brief activities using text extracts, puzzles and problems. Widely used in high school and college courses, the book has been expressly designed to make these complex new ideas accessible to students who are just beginning their academic study of literature. Now in its 2nd edition, the glossary features over 20 new terms, including identity, mythology and postcolonialism. (Australian cover above.)

"The discoveries forced on the reader are bracing as well as empowering." - Andrew Stibbs, Times Education Supplement.

Literary Terms. 2nd edn. Chalkface Press. 2001. 176pp. ISBN:1 875136 21 5.  RRP $35.95 AU. (US Edition 1999. 177pp. ISBN 0-8141-3008-9)

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