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Studying Poetry takes a groundbreaking approach to its subject by treating poetry not as the myserious product of 'gifted imagination' but as a kind of social practice.

The book makes poetry study less intimidating for teachers and students by showing the rules and expectations that readers and writers of poetry follow.

It is filled with practical activities, including a whole chapter showing how to write critical essays in response to poetry, and contains over 50 poems chosen to illustrate important concepts.

"In the hands of teachers ready to supplement and endorse its procedures with their own enthusiasms it will have very considerable value." - John Mole, Times Education Supplement.

Studying Poetry. Chalkface Press: 1998. 160pp. ISBN:1 875136 20 7. $37.95 AU
(US Edition 2001.175pp. ISBN 0-8141-4850-6.)

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Cover artwork © 1964 Hubertus Gojowczyk: Buch mit zwei Augen.


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