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Brian is the coordinator of Secondary English curriculum studies at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. He teaches in the Graduate Diploma and undergraduate Bachelor of Education courses.

LAN2250 and LAN4210 Introduction to Teaching English
Secondary English curriculum; language processes; general pedagogy; lesson design; reading instruction; the teaching of writing; language development; diagnosis and remediation; assessment principles and practices.

LAN2251 and LAN4276 Planning and Teaching English
Curriculum planning principles; content and method in English teaching: the novel, poetry; drama; feature film; televsion drama; print and electronic news; programming techniques.

CUR2210 English Curriculum Enrichment
Issues in English curriculum and pedagogy; curriculum history and theory; teaching in the senior secondary school; advanced teaching techniques.

EDU4120 Literacy in Teaching and Learning
Traditional and emergent literacies; literacy in curriculum contexts; literacy support strategies for secondary schooling: decoding, operational literacy, critical literacy; reading, writing and oracy; multimodal literacy.

The Academic year begins in February, with an additional mid-year intake commencing in July. For information about the courses, and enrolment enquiries, contact Edith Cowan University.

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