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Viewing Terms is a comprehensive guide to the complex terms and concepts used in modern film and television studies. Along with clear definitions, the book includes examples and practical activities that help build understanding and analytical skills.

The book's 30 major entries and 300-plus terms cover a wide range of theoretical and analytical concepts, including audience, auteur theory, camerawork, film codes and conventions, mise en scene, montage, shot, target audience, viewing practices and much more. In addition, the Quick Reference section covers a range of technical and industry terms from ADR to Zip Pan.

Many entries are illustrated with high quality stills and montage sequences from classic film and television sources, including Citizen Kane, The Third Man, The Matrix, The X Files, and Witness.

Teachers will find that the practical entries work as mini-lessons for the classroom as well as individual reference.

Viewing Terms. Chalkface Press: 2004. 210pp. ISBN:1 875136 22 3.$37.95 AU

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